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When you install the graphing server with the CDP, the installation program configures the communication settings between the CDP and the graphing server. It also configures the proper settings if you specify the graphing server properties when you install the peer without the graphing server.

However, if one of the following conditions occurs, the CDP cannot communicate with the graphing server, and the graphing server fails to start:

  • During the CDP installation, you incorrectly specified one of the graphing server properties.

  • During the CDP installation, you left the graphing server properties blank, but you later installed a graphing server.

  • During an AP installation, you chose to install the graphing components.

    To enable the CDP to communicate with the graphing server, you must modify the following properties in the file:

To configure the CDP to communicate with the graphing server

  1. On the CDP computer, open the following file in a text editor: CdpInstallationLocation\config\metrics\

  2. Using the following format, update the properties with the host name or IP address and the web server port number of the graphing server, and save the file: http://:/baograph/server


    If the host name is and the port number is 28080, you would type for both properties.

  3. Restart the CDP.