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This space contains information about the BMC PATROL Knowledge Module for BMC Remedy AR Server release. This KM is a part of the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite.

BMC PATROL Knowledge Module for BMC Remedy AR System Server is used to monitor BMC Remedy Action Request System Server (BMC Remedy AR System Server).

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For a list of features provided by this product, see Enhancements in version 1.1.

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About BMC Remedy AR System

BMC Remedy AR System is a professional development environment that leverages the recommendations of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and provides a foundation for Business Service Management (BSM) solutions. Using BMC Remedy AR System, nonprogrammers can build powerful business workflow applications and deploy them simultaneously in web, Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux environments. 

Applications built with BMC Remedy AR System can automatically track anything that is important to the processes in your enterprise. Companies use BMC Remedy AR System applications to track such diverse items as stock trades, benefits data, inventory assets, spare parts, and order fulfillment. One of the most common uses of BMC Remedy AR System is to automate internal service desks.