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Use the information in this section to understand the primary goals for implementing the BMC Application Diagnostics product in your environment. Each major phase of the product lifecycle links to detailed information and procedures to help the users of this system achieve their goals.

User access roles are assigned to various people within an organization:

  • Access Manager roles are given to a security administrator in the tenant organization.
  • Application Owner roles are given to application developers and network administrators in the tenant organization.
  • Observer roles are given to anyone in the tenant organization who needs to investigate (but not configure) performance and availability problems, such support analysts.

Goals that are dependent on the service provider are in bold typeface. For more information about tenant users, see Tenant user roles and permissions.

End-to-end process for tenant users

PhaseGoalUser access role
LearnAll tenant users

Application Owner

  • After receiving BMC Application Diagnostics Server connection information from the service provider, install and configure the BMC Application Diagnostics Agents for Java or for .NET.
  • (Integration with BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring) After receiving Real User Collector connection information and credentials from the service provider, install the Real User Cloud Probe.
Application Owner

Access Manager

Application Owner

  • Monitor application health and performance
  • Monitor the performance and availability of web applications.
  • Troubleshoot application, performance, and availability problems.
  • Troubleshoot latency and accuracy errors.
  • Verify the data received in alerts about performance and availability problems.


Application Owner

  • Manage user access, secure the system, and restrict access to data.

  • Configure how web application transaction data is captured, manipulated, and stored for monitoring and performance.

  • (Integration with BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring) Create initial Watchpoints and dashboards to monitor key applications.

Application Owner

  • Enable logs.
  • Contact Support.
Application Owner
  • Learn about enhancements in a new release, service pack, or patch.

All tenant users

  • Evaluate a service pack or patch and learn about enhancements.
  • Upgrade BMC Application Diagnostics Agents. Confirm with your service provider about version compatibility with the BMC Application Diagnostics Server.
  • (Integration with BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring) Upgrade Cloud Probe.
Application Owner