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This topic contains information about updates in this patch, PAZGW.2.5.01.AJ01_Hotfix - Static Block, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch. 

Click here to create a PDF version of the Patch 1 for Service Pack 1 release notes.

Patch contents

The patch contains the following files:

File nameDescription


This file, which contains patch documentation


Agent installation script for Windows

Agent installation script for Linux


Agent upgrade script for Windows

Agent upgrade script for Linux


Required file for the installation and upgrade

Updated recording configuration to be copied into the recording configuration file

Applicable versions

The patch applies to BMC Application Diagnostics version 2.5.01 or earlier.


The patch reduces the footprint and impact of the BMC Application Diagnostics Agent for Java on the application server. By injecting code only into classes that are marked for recording the impact on performance is reduced and the possibility of interference with applications classes.

Downloading patch files

Download the patch file from the Electronic Product Distribution (EPD)  to a temporary directory on each BMC Application Diagnostics Agent computer and extract the files.

To download the patch files

  1. Log on to the  EPD website.

  2. Under the Product Patches tab, expand the BMC Application Management Suite.

  3. Drill down to the appropriate version, platform, and language for BMC Application Diagnostics.

  4. Click BMC Application Diagnostics - Static Block to download the PAZGW.2.5.01.AJ01.gz (Linux) or (Windows) patch file.

Installing or upgrading to the patch

All BMC Application Diagnostics Server components (Portal and Collector) must be at version 2.5.01.

The patch contains a full agent installation.

BMC recommends that you upgrade all Diagnostics Agents to the patched version. Running Agents with versions different from the patched Agent can result in unexpected behavior; specifically, some database queries might be only partially recorded.

Updating the recording configuration file

The patch files contain new a text file,, that you copy to the recording configuration file in the BMC Application Performance Management Console.

To perform this procedure, you must have Administrator-level access or higher, or have tenant Application Owner-level access.

To update the recording configuration file

  1. In the BMC Application Performance Management Console, on the Diagnostics tab, select Administration > Recording Configuration.
  2. Click the name (Default) of the Java platform file.
  3. (Recommended) Make a backup by copying and saving the contents of the current recording configuration file in a text file.


    If you have made changes to the default, out-of-the-box recording configuration file, you will need to integrate the changes into the new recording configuration file.

  4. Select Edit from the shortcut menu.
  5. Open the file and copy the contents.
  6. Return to your current recording configuration file in the Console, delete the existing recording configuration, and paste the copied contents from the file.

  7. If you previously made manual changes to the recording configuration file, integrate those changes into the patched configuration file.
  8. Click Save.