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  • Installation or upgrade log files
    • Agent for Java: The bmc_ad_agent_install.log file is located in the same directory from which you ran the BMC Application Diagnostics Agent installation or upgrade script
    • Agent for .NET: The AgentInstaller_**.log file is located in %appdata%\BMCInstall\ApplicationDiagnostics directory.
  • Collector log files
    • (Windows) <ServerInstallationDirectory>\collector\logs\collector.log
    • (Linux) <ServerInstallationDirectory>/collector/logs/collector.log
  • Portal log files
    • (Windows) <ServerInstallationDirectory>\portal\logs\portal.log
    • (Linux) <ServerInstallationDirectory>/portal/logs/portal.log
  • Integration log files
    • (Windows) <ServerInstallationDirectory>\portal\logs\
    • (Linux) <ServerInstallationDirectory>/portal/logs

    Examine the appropriate file to help troubleshoot integration issues.