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Use the System information and licenses page to view basic information about the state of the Aggregation Server for diagnostic and monitoring purposes, such as the status of key services, network parameters, and the software version.


System information and licenses page


The status of key Aggregation server services

Each service can be in one of several states, including OK and Failed.

Version informationThe version number and installation date of the system images installed on this appliance (namely, rescue, system1, and system2)

Network parameters

The following information about the network parameters of this Aggregation Server instance:
  • Management Interface IP Address
  • Management Interface Mask
  • Default Gateway IP address
  • Management Interface MAC Address

You can also download diagnostic and registration files and report problems to BMC from this page.

Before you begin

  1. Log on to the Aggregation Server for Extended Reporting web interface.
  2. Click System information & Licenses in the Device status section.

To download diagnostics and registration information

In the Action menu, select one of the following commands:   

Download diagnosticIn the event of a system issue, it might be necessary to provide BMC Customer Support with a diagnostic snapshot of your Aggregation Server.
Download extended diagnosticExtended diagnostics files contain more detail than the standard diagnostic file, including a large quantity of profiling data. The Aggregation Server needs more time to generate extended diagnostic files. In general, extract an extended diagnostics file only at the request of a BMC Customer Support representative.
Download registration information

Identifies your instance of the Aggregation Server.

Diagnostic files are downloaded as a .zip file.

To upload license files

  1. If a BMC Customer Support representative provides you with a license file to upload to your device, from the Action menu, select Upload license. For information on how to request a license, see Activating the component and applying a permanent license key.
  2. Click Choose File, navigate to the path of the license file, and click Open.
  3. Click Upload and restart.

After the license file is uploaded, this device automatically restarts. The current session will be terminated.   

To connect to the BMC Customer Support website

From the Action menu, select Contact BMC Customer Support.