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The system can send reports via email to recipients at scheduled intervals. These scheduled events are called report mail-outs. All reports in the Report library that are not defined with a fixed time frame can be included in a mail-out. You can define up to 20 separate mail-outs, each containing up to 20 reports. you can select same report for multiple mail-outs, but a single mail-out can contain each report only once. Each mail-out can adress up to 10 recipients.

Mail-outs are sent as email messages with inline images. They are viewable with most email clients, including the web-based ones.


Report mail-outs are sent by email via an SMTP server. The system enables you to specify the SMTP account to be used for sending email messages. Before using this feature you must configure a target SMTP server.

The configured mail-outs can have the following views:

  • Detailed view (default)
    Displays all your mail-out information, including the selected reports and the configured recipients
  • Compact view
    Displays mostly the same information but in a more compact way, which might be more convenient if you are managing several mail-outs. To view the configured recipients and selected reports in this view, move your mouse pointer over the recipients and reports icons.

This section contains the following topics:

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