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The BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring product provides system data fields that describe your traffic. You can create custom fields to use as specific parameters to:

  • Filter captured traffic
  • Export data
  • Monitor error conditions
  • Create other custom fields

This section presents the following topics about custom fields:

You can use custom fields for differentiation and identification. For example:

  • Based on the client OS, you can create a custom field to distinguish the mobile traffic from PC traffic.
  • Your web application uses a custom HTTP header, such as X-Info, that contains relevant information, such as customer ID. You can capture this data and include it in the data model.


The following video (3:22) provides an overview of custom fields.

Use player to increase quality or switch to full screen | YouTube: Open link  

BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring provides the following system custom fields that cover the most frequently used fields. You can modify these fields but cannot delete or turn them off.

 Types of system custom fields:

  • Primitive — For capturing data from request and response headers and content
  • Object — For capturing object data
  • Page — For capturing page data
  • Session — For capturing session data

You can create custom fields from the following data sources found in user traffic:

  • URI query parameters
  • POST command parameters
  • Cookie parameters
  • HTTP headers
  • Request and response content