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There are different BMC license types that control the capabilities of your device, such as the number of Watchpoints you can have available at one time on a given Real User Analyzer component. The License Information section of the System information and licenses page displays the licenses installed on the device, its installation date, expiry date, and other parameters.

You initially define a license after you install and set up an component instance in Setting up a component instance. If the product key has expired, or if you need a permanent key for a component instance that is already deployed, you can activate the component manually by requesting a license file from BMC and uploading it via the web interface of the component.

To perform this procedure, you must have Security-level access. 

To obtain a license file

  1. If the component has already been activated with the 30-day product key, on the System information and licenses page, on the Action menu, click Download Registration Info. The registration file is used to identify your instance of the appliance.

  2. Send the registration-information file to indicating your support contract ID and, for Analyzer, Monitor, and APM Central component instances, the number of Watchpoints. Or you can open a support request on the BMC Support site and attach the registration-information file.

When BMC receives your registration file and product key, BMC will send you the license file that you need to activate the product manually.

To upload a license to a component

  1. Place the license file in a location from which you can upload it to the component. Do not unzip the archive file.
  2. In the component's interface, go to Administration > Device status, and then click System information and licenses.
  3. In the Action menu, select Upload license.
  4. Click Browse and navigate to the license.
  5. Click OK.