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The user roles for tenant users differ from those of on-premises users.

Each tenant role has permissions that determine what features you as a tenant user can view and what tasks you can perform. For example, Access Manager users can create accounts, but Application Owners cannot access account access features.

The following table lists the tenant user roles and their permissions, including roles for when BMC Application Diagnostics is integrated with BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring.

Tenant roles and permissions matrix








to Analyzer 

Access Manager






Application Owner












The user account with the Access Manager role can assign one of the following roles to other tenant users:

  • Access Manager — Performs user management for the tenant, including creating, editing, and deleting other Access Manager accounts. The first Access Manager user is created by the tenant's provider, but Access Managers can create other Access Manager users.

    Access Manager roles would be given to a security administrator in the tenant organization.

  • Application Owner — Configures Watchpoints and dashboards for the tenant and runs Performance Analytics Engine queries.

    When only BMC Application Diagnostics is installed, this role can configure dashboards and tenant-specific configurations. When BMC Application Diagnostics and BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring are integrated, an Application Owner can also configure Watchpoints and run Performance Analytics Engine queries.

    When an Application Owner user launches the Real User Analyzer from the BMC Application Management Console, that user has Operator permission on the Analyzer. Application Owners can also see all the data that Observers can see.

    Application Owner roles would be given to application developers and network administrators in the tenant organization.

  • Observer — With the exception of configuring Watchpoints, this role can perform the same tasks as Application Owner. In BMC Application Diagnostics, an Observer examines transaction tracing information and views diagnostics data. Observer users who launch the Real User Analyzer from the BMC Application Management Console also have Observer permission on the Analyzer. 

    Observer roles would be given to anyone in the tenant organization who needs to investigate (but not configure) performance and availability problems, such support analysts.

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