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For each Execution Plan that you define, you can create a Watchpoint to filter synthetic response data for monitoring. You can also use Watchpoints from the synthetic device configuration pack. Examples of Watchpoints for synthetic monitoring include the following data filters:

  • Synthetic execution results
  • Synthetic execution results for a specified Agent Group
  • Synthetic execution results with an availability error or an accuracy error or an execution error
  • Synthetic execution results of an Execution Plan across all Agent Groups
  • Synthetic execution results of a Business Service across all Agent Groups

In the Analyzer, Session Browser, you can see a session for each Execution Plan run on a TEA Agent. The TEA Agent Group is listed under the User ID column, and its associated Execution Plan is listed in the Group ID column.

You can drill down into a single session and examine the transactions, custom timers, and page timers. Each item is represented as a page.

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