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APM Central is sized according to the following table:

APM Central sizes





Expected volume of traffic


4 vCPU

12 GB

28 GB *

900 to 2,000 hits per second


8 vCPU

20 GB

28 GB *

1,500 to 3,500 hits per second


8+ vCPU

28 GB

28 GB *

2,500 to 7,500 hits per second

* An additional 100 GB minimum on a secondary disk is recommended for storing traffic data. For additional information, see the APM Central storage requirements in the System requirements.

As more traffic is added to the system, you must re-evaluate APM Central capacity to ensure that the increased load is not a problem. 

Sizing for concurrent pages and sessions

The size that you choose to deploy might depend on the number of concurrent sessions or pages that APM Central must process:

  • Low — 50,000 pages or 150,000 sessions
  • Medium — 70,000 pages or 210,000 sessions
  • High — 90,000 pages or 275,000 sessions

Increased traffic volume usually correlates to more users requesting more web pages. However, a given site can have a high traffic rate and a low number of users (or vice versa). So, independent of the traffic volume, you might have to adjust the resource allocation of APM Central to accommodate page- and session-tracking needs.


To "rebuild" pages and sessions, APM Central uses memory caches, the size of which determines how many simultaneous page requests and simultaneously active users that the system can track.