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Use the Service Context dashlet, shown in the following figure, to show the current health of a BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB) configuration item (CI) that is associated with a Watchpoint.

Service Context dashlet

Configuring the dashlet

Configure the Service Context dashlet to show the current health of a specific CI associated with a specific Watchpoint. Configuration of this dashlet involves choosing the Watchpoint with which the CI is associated.

Before you begin

You must have already performed the following setup tasks for the integration with BMC Atrium CMDB:

In addition, you must know which Watchpoint and associated CI that you want to display.

To configure the dashlet

  1. On the dashlet shortcut menu, click Edit settings.
  2. In the Watchpoint list, select the Watchpoint for which you want to see details.
    Select only a Watchpoint that is associated with a CI, as indicated by the appearance of the CI name in parentheses after the Watchpoint name, as in the following naming convention: Watchpoint_name (CI_name)
  3. Click Save.
    The name of the selected Watchpoint appears at the top of the dashlet, followed by the name of the associated CI in parentheses. The table on the dashlet is populated with information about parent CIs.

Viewing health information for a CI associated with a Watchpoint

The Service Context dashlet provides health information for the CIs that are parents of the Watchpoint-associated CI. For each CI listed in the dashlet, the following details are provided:

  • Name
  • Type (CI class)
  • Relationship class
  • Service Health — one of the following CMDB statuses (in descending order of severity): Critical, Major, Minor, Warning, Information, OK, or Unknown

For certain types of parent CIs, you can obtain additional information by launching the Service Context Widget.

To launch the Service Context Widget for a parent CI


This action is relevant for Application, Business Service, or Computer System CIs. Other types of CIs appear in black (rather than blue) and do not launch the widget.

Click the name of the parent CI.

A Service Context Summary is displayed for the parent CI, as shown in the following example. (Click the image to enlarge it.)

Dashlet summary


You can configure which details to include in the Service Context Summary through the BMC Atrium Core - Service Context Administration dialog box.

  • To view more information about the related services and CIs or (depending on widget configuration) about events, click the arrow beside the displayed number.
  • To return to the initial list of CIs on the dashlet, click back to list above the embedded Service Context Widget.

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