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You can filter the data received by the staging area to specific record types and fields to be included in the export. For example, you might choose to export only the User ID and Group ID of the sessions along with full page records, ignoring the object records entirely. This action significantly reduces the size of the exports and the resources required to persist the data, resulting in faster export downloads and better performance of the appliance.

To select record types and fields

  1. In a Real User Analyzer, point to Administration > Data sharing settings, and click Bulk data export.

  2. To select data fields to be included in the export, click Fields selection.
  3. On the Fields selection page, select the boxes for the fields that you want to include in exported files.
    If you do not select any fields for a given record type, the affected record type is not available for export. Similarly, if you do not select record types, the system does not persist any data to the staging area.
  4. In the top right of the screen, click Back to Bulk data export.
  5. To accept or to decline existing object filters, click Object filters.
  6. On the Object filters page, on the Action menu, click Add new.
  7. Provide a name for the object export rule.
  8. Specify the expression for filtering objects.
  9. In the Policy field, select an option:
    • Accept — The export will accept objects specified by this rule.
    • Decline — The export will decline objects specified by this rule.
  10. Click Save.


Changing the selection of record types, fields, or both might purge the data from the staging area. BMC recommends that you let automated exports to finish downloading their data before performing the configuration changes.

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