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The Trace Details window contains the following sections:

  1. Trace details in the header
  2. Trace details in tabbed views — Application Flow (default) and Code Level

Click an instance in the Traces window to examine data for that instance in the Trace Details window.

Example Trace Details window

Trace details in the header

The header section, at the top of the Trace Details window, shows summary information for the instance, as described in the Header section details table.

Header section details

Header section


Trace Name

Name of the selected trace, as displayed in the Name column of the Traces window


Name of monitored application, if defined during agent installation


Error captured during the trace, indicates that the trace ended in an error, or that an internal error (exception) occurred.

The same data is displayed as in the Error column of the Traces window.

Time and Date

Moment the trace started, as per the server format

If the server format is not recognized, then the format is HH:MM SS MONTH DAY YEAR.


Complete duration of the transaction

View session details button

If BMC Application Diagnostics is integrated with BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring, you can click the View session details button to open the integrated product. If an object matches the trace, you can see how the specific transaction relates to the session performance.

Trace details in tabbed views

Under the header section, you can select a tab to view diagnostics data:

  • Application Flow: (Default tab) Displays the diagnostics data of the trace in map of requests between logical components
  • Code Level: Displays the code of the trace

Viewing comparable traces

You can view traces that are similar to the one on the Trace Details window. You might find this useful when you open BMC Application Diagnostics from another application, such as from a component of BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring.

From the Actions menu, select Comparable Traces. The Traces window displays a list of traces with the same name, that occurred five minutes before or after the referenced trace.