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This topic describes compatibility consideration for an upgrade of the BMC Application Diagnostics product.

  • (BMC Application Diagnostics 2.6.x) You can upgrade the BMC Application Diagnostics Server and BMC Application Diagnostics Agents from version 2.x to 2.6.x. Incremental upgrades from version 2.0 are not necessary.
  • (BMC Application Diagnostics 2.7.01) You can upgrade to the Feature Pack 1 (version 2.7.01) from version 2.6.x, in the same way as the upgrade to 2.6.x.

Consider the following version compatibility behaviors:

  • Version of server and agents. You must upgrade all the server components (portal and collector or collectors). The server can handle agents from different versions, or from a combination of versions.
  • Mixed versions of agents. Although the server can handle different versions of agents, new features apply only to new agents. Combining agent versions in a single transaction can result in incomplete data. If you choose to upgrade only some agents, then ensure the agents are logically grouped, such as by a business use.
  • Out-of-the-box policy and configuration files. When you upgrade the server, all out-of-the-box policy files and configuration files are automatically upgraded, and can work with supported agent versions.
  • Customized policy and configuration files. When you upgrade the server, all customized policy files are merged with the the upgraded files. Existing functionality and values are retained for earlier agents, and new functionality is added for the current version's agents.


    If you added comments to customized files, the comments are not retained after upgrade.

Where to go from here

Upgrade the BMC Application Diagnostics Server components.

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