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To install the BMC Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter (TEA) Agent for monitoring of synthetic transactions, you can use an interactive installation wizard, as described in this topic, or a silent (unattended) installation.

When you install the TEA Agent, you configure settings for the Agent service and connections to the BMC Application Management Console. The Console is where configuration and administration information is exchanged.

You can run the installation utility more than once to install more than one TEA Agent on a single computer. Each agent must have a unique name and a separate installation directory.

Before you begin

To install the Transaction Execution Adapter Agent


Data is required for all fields in the installation utility.

  1. Log on to the host computer where you will install the TEA Agent as a user with administrator privileges and extract the downloaded files to a temporary directory.
  2. Run the setup.exe file.
  3. On the welcome page of the product installer, click Next.
  4. Review the license agreement, select I agree to the terms of the license agreement, and click Next.
    The utility checks the environment for required software components and available space.
  5. On the Directory Selection page, enter the path for the installation directory or click Browse to select a directory, and then click Next.
    The default installation directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\BMCTEAAgent.
    To install more than one agent, enter a separate installation directory for each agent.

  6. On the Agent Configuration page, enter the following values and click Next:

    Installation parameterDescription
    TEA Agent NameName of the service that runs the Transaction Execution Adapter Agent on the host computer, and the Agent Name in the BMC Application Management Console.

    The service name has a prefix, BMC TEA Agent, so the final name is BMC TEA Agent yourName. Your part of the service name (yourName) can be up to 40 characters.

    TEA Agent names must be unique in the BMC Synthetic End User Experience Monitoring system. If you install more than one agent, enter a unique name for each agent.

    Agent Group

    Agent Group name to which the Agent will be associated.

    If the Agent Group name already exists in the system, the Agent is associated with that group. If the Agent Group name does not exist, a new group is created.

    Results Archive Password

    Define a password to extract data from archived files in the execution logs.

    When a TEA Agent executes an Execution Plan, a local results file and related files are archived in a secure zip file that is protected with this password. The password uses Triple-DES encryption in ECB mode (DES_ecb3_encrypt).

    Note: You can set a different results archive password for each TEA Agent, or use the same password.

    Confirm PasswordEnter the password again.

  7. On the Agent and BMC Application Management Console Connection page, enter the following values and click Next:

    Installation parameterDescription

    APM Console Host Name or IP Address

    Host name or IP Address of the computer with the Console

    APM Console Port

    Port number for the AM Console
    The default port is 443.
    APM Console Administrator User NameName of a user with at least Administrator-level access to the Console
    APM Console Administrator PasswordAdministrator user's password to access the Console
    The installation utility tests the connection with the Console. If the connection fails, you can modify the details immediately, or update the TEA Agent after installation.

  8. Review the details in the Installation Preview page and click Install.
    Installation begins. A progress bar indicates the percentage of the installation that has completed.
  9. On the Installation Summary page, click View Log to examine the installation log, then click Done to exit the installation utility.

Where to go from here

Verify the TEA Agent installation

After you install the BMC Transaction Execution Adapter Agent, the service automatically starts and the Agent is automatically registered by the BMC Application Management Console. The Agent is ready to receive configuration information.

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