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You must deploy at least one Real User Collector instance in each data center. If a single data center has multiple tapping points or if one Collector cannot handle the traffic load, deploy additional Collector instances (one per tapping point and as many as necessary to handle the traffic load).


If you must deploy more than one Collector instance, use a smart tap to direct a subset of the traffic to each instance.

In multiple data centers, deploy one or more Real User Collector instances per data center. All Collector feeds provide data to a central Real User Analyzer instance (or set of analyzers).


A single Analyzer instance can receive data from a maximum of three Collector instances.

In another location, deploy one or more Analyzer instances, one or more Performance Analytics Engine instances, and one BMC Application Management Console instance. Add all Collector and Analyzer instances to the Console.

A multiple data-center system



You can also deploy separate Analyzer instances per data center. For example, you might want to do this to view performance metrics for one geographic region separate from other regions.

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