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Carl is an IT Observer for who monitors the application when users log on to the website. He needs to monitor the performance, availability, and accuracy in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Specifically, Carl checks the web-based shopping cart application from different locations to ensure that the end-user experience meets the expectations of users and adheres to the service-level agreements (SLA).

Carl monitors the results of synthetic transactions, also called robotic transactions, to predict application health and user experience. The synthetic transaction scripts were prepared by an application specialist, and they were implemented in execution plans by the IT Administrator.

Carl looks for issues with the synthetic transactions in the following ways:

Carl gathers data about the transactions to send to the application specialist. He can drill down from the dashlets to the Performance Analysis page, and then to the Session Overview page. On the Session Overview page, Carl can request the detailed execution log of a transaction. Carl can also drill down to the Session Browser to see details in the Real User Analyzer.

Examine details about synthetic transaction results for end-to-end availability errors, execution errors, and accuracy errors with the following system tools:

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