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You can display the connection status, system health, and status of the data sent by one or more Cloud Probe services.

To view the status of a Cloud Probe, in the Real User Collector interface, select Administration > Integration, and click Cloud Probes. To access this page, you must have Administrator-level access, or higher.

Cloud Probes page

For each Cloud Probe instance, the Cloud Probes page provides the information and options described in the following table:

Cloud Probes page elements




Connection status of the Cloud Probe to the Real User Collector

— Connected
— Disconnected

The Disconnected status icon is displayed if the Collector has not received two or more heartbeats from the Cloud Probe. A heartbeat is sent every 30 seconds.


Name of the Cloud Probe

Last Heartbeat

Date and time that the last heartbeat was received from the Cloud Probe

By default, the Cloud Probe sends a heartbeat to the Collector every 30 seconds.

Last Data

Date and time the last data bundle received from the Cloud Probe 

Typically, data is sent every 5 seconds.

Action menu

Shows options for the selected row

Select Delete from the menu to remove the specified Cloud Probe from the page.

Note: Deleting a Cloud Probe from this page does not uninstall the Cloud Probe, and uninstalling a Cloud Probe does not remove its entry from this page.


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