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The Maintenance Tool enables you to modify the configuration of the Real User Cloud Probe, such as updating the connection details to the Real User Collector or changing the monitored network card.

You can run the Maintenance Tool both on Linux (in a GUI or from the command line) and on Windows.

To modify Cloud Probe configuration

  1. Extract the files from the Cloud Probe binary download.
  2. Open the Cloud Probe Maintenance Tool:
    1. On Linux, run the file located in the utility folder.
    2. On Windows, run the CloudProbeMaintenanceTool.cmd file located in the utility folder.
  3. Click the Configuration tab and modify the Cloud Probe configuration details:
  4. (Optional) Modify any of the following connection details for the Real User Collector, and then click Next:
    • IP address or DNS name of the computer with the Collector installation
    • Port number of the Collector (by default, 443)
    • Collector user name
    • Collector password
  5. (Optional) Modify the Cloud Probe name and select the monitored network card from the list. Click Next.
    The Cloud Probe Name can have up to 60 alphanumeric characters, hyphens (-), and underscore characters (_). This name is displayed in the Real User Collector details.
  6. To complete the configuration, click Finish.
    A notice on the window indicates when the configuration is completed.

With the Cloud Probe Maintenance Tool, you can also view and download Cloud Probe's system logs (see the Logs tab) and encrypt password (the Encrypt tab).

To modify Cloud Probe configuration from the command line (Linux)

  1. Navigate to the Maintenance Tool, located in the installation directory (by default, /opt/bmc/CloudProbe/cloudprobe).
  2. Run the following command to display all the configuration options: ./ -silent -help
  3. Run the command for the configuration options you want to change.


    If you need to change a password, ensure that you first use the -encrypt command to obtain an encrypted password:
    ./ -silent -encrypt -encrypt -password=<password> -confirm_password=<password>
    Replace the variable <password> with your password. After you run the command, use the generated encrypted password when you reconfigure the Real User Collector password.

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