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The following figure illustrates the steps required to install and deploy a component of the BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring system.

Installation and deployment process flowchart


The person performing these tasks is usually a VM administrator.


(1) Plan the environment

Before downloading the distribution packages, the VM administrator works with the product owner to determine which components, how many instances of each component type are needed, and where each instance will be put into service (for example, in which data center). Consult the following topics for an overview of the components to installation, integrations, and other systems required:

(2) Download the installation filesFor each component, choose one installation distribution format: ISO image (.iso) file or Open Virtualization Format (OVF) template file (which are packaged in the VMDK .zip file). The distribution packages of some components have more than one descriptor file (as explained in Sizing considerations). Factors such as expected traffic volume and the number of concurrent pages and sessions help determine which descriptor file to use.
(3) Prepare and certify the deployment environment

Set up and certify the deployment environment by ensuring the following:

For set-up instructions for specific components, see the following procedures:

(4) Deploy the component instances

For installation set-up instructions, see the following procedures:

Note: Sample installation procedures are provided for OVF-based or ISO-based installations on each of the supported platforms. However, installation procedures do not cover all platforms and installation methods.

(5) Perform the initial component configurationAfter you install components, perform the initial configuration to set up and activate each component instance. The setup "wizard" guides you through these tasks after the virtual machine is first deployed.
(6) Configure components and extensions to the system

For post installation configuration instructions, see Configuring after installation.

When the deployment and initial configuration steps are complete, the VM administrator communicates logon credentials to the product owner and hands over control.