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By using the UPDT function, you can create and update host sweeping rules.

Rule syntax

HOSTSWRULE UPDT <ID> <host name> <port> <inclusion | exclusion> <priority>

Rule parameters

ParameterValue rangeIs requiredDescription
<ID>32-bits, unsigned (0 through 4 294 967 295)YA globally unique identifier for the rule. For creating a rule, provide an ID that is not in use. If you provide an existing ID, the parameters of this rule will be overridden.
<host name>URL-encoded, case-insensitiveYA host name to filter traffic on

16-bits, unsigned (0 through 65635)

"-1" — catch-all

YA TCP port to filter traffic on
<inclusion | exclusion>

"1" — traffic inclusion

"2" — traffic exclusion

YAn action to perform on the packet that matches the rule

1 to the total number of existing rules

"0" — the highest priority

YRule priority; rule's position in the rules list. Rules are applied in the order they appear in the list.


A rule that excludes traffic from the domain and its associated port 80: 


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