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You can export all session, page, and object records retrieved by a query to analyze them outside the system.

To export records to a CSV file

  1. Run an ad-hoc query or a saved query.
  2. In the Query result window, select one of the options to export data:
    • To export data for a selection of records, select boxes for individual records, click the download button , and click Download all checked records.
    • To export data for all records, on the Action menu, click Export all records to CSV.
  3. Save the file.

    The export operation returns a single zip file with comma-separated value (CSV) files archived.

Exported file format

The exported zip file contains separate gzip-compressed CSV files with session, page, object, and error data.

The contents of the zip file might vary, depending on your selection. For example, if you chose to export page data, the CSV files for sessions, objects, and errors are not exported. However, the CSV files contain only column headers.


The zip file uses Zip64 encoding. To avoid corruption during decompression, use a utility that can properly process Zip64 encoding.

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