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BMC Atrium Single Sign-On (SSO) is an authentication system that provides single sign-on and single sign-off for users of the BMC Application Management Console. With BMC Atrium SSO, users present credentials only once for authentication and subsequently are automatically authenticated by every BMC product that is integrated into the system.

After users log in to the Console, they are automatically logged in to any component that you added to the Console by clicking the component on the Home page or the Component Status page of the Console. However, if users navigate to a component interface directly (such as a Real User Analyzer), they must log on to it by using the credentials that are configured in the component.

Integrating with BMC Atrium SSO is a two-sided process and contains the following procedures:

  • The Administrator on the BMC Atrium SSO side installs and configures the BMC Atrium SSO server. For more information, see the BMC Atrium Single Sign-On documentation Open link .

  • The Administrator or Security role on the  BMC Application Management Console side configures the Console component to prepare it for integration.

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Preparing the BMC Atrium SSO server for integration