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This topic explains the aspects of managing the staging area:

To view the staging area statistics

In a Real User Analyzer, point to Administration > Data sharing settings, and click Bulk data export

In the Statistics section, the system displays statistics for the ongoing exports:

Staging area statistics

The displayed information includes the following items:

  • Number of records available for the export from the staging area
  • Date and time when system started pulling data from the staging area
  • Date and time when system finished pulling data from the staging area
  • Date and time of the earliest available record (rounded up to 5 minutes)
  • Date and time of the latest available record (rounded up to 5 minutes)
  • The estimated retention capacity of the staging area

    These statistics are updated every 5 seconds.

To control session storage

Because the web sessions might last for hours before they are finally completed (an end user can browse a monitored web site for hours before the session is terminated), the system offers the following options for storing web sessions:

  • Export when session is complete — Export clients do not have access to any session information for the exported data until the session is complete (which may take some time).
  • Export as updates become available (but not more than once per five minutes) — The pages and objects for a session are available for download before the parent session is finally complete.

To choose the option of session storage, in the Session Export Mode section, click Edit and select an option.

Staging area rollover

When the staging area is full, it purges the oldest data to make room for the incoming data, effectively becoming a rolling buffer of exportable data. If the export process is downloading data that must be purged, the export terminates. The system properly closes all the data streams for the export that has been terminated and adds a notification in the statistics file, stating that it was terminated due to rollover.

To purge the staging area data

To purge the staging area data, on the shortcut menu to the right of the staging area statistics, click Purge all staged data.


Purging the staging area temporarily blocks all data from entering or exiting the staging area and immediately terminates all active exports. The system properly closes the data streams and adds a notification to the statistics file, indicating that they are terminated because of the purge.


Changing the system confidentiality policies might purge the contents of the staging area.

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