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In addition to having a scalable, distributed architecture, the BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager products can be extended via advanced features and integrations with other products to enable the functionality described in the following sections.

BMC Application Diagnostics and BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring integration

You can integrate BMC Application Diagnostics with BMC Real End User Experience monitoring to extend the capabilities in the BMC Application Management Console to trace sessions, pages, and objects behind the web server (into application and data tiers, for example). For instructions, see Configuring the integration between BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring and BMC Application Diagnostics.

BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring integrations

BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring can be integrated with the following BMC products:

  • The BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management integration via the  BMC PATROL Knowledge Module for Real End User Experience Monitoring Open link product enables you to monitor end-user experience from a service model and determine if an end-user problem is related to an infrastructure component problem.
  • The BMC Atrium CMDB integration enables you to pinpoint the configuration item (CI) associated with an application-performance problem via the Service Context dashlet.
  • The BMC Service Level Management integration feeds performance metrics about end user experience to BMC SLM via the BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring plug-in Open link
You can extend BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring through the following third-party integrations:
  • Through integration with Akamai's Content Delivery Network, monitor the performance of web applications distributed on multiple servers across the internet. 
  • Through BMC's MarketZone partnership with Aternity, monitor end-user performance with mobile and traditional clients.

You can also use the data-export and configuration APIs available in this product to integrate it with business-intelligence and reporting products, management solutions, and custom applications.

BMC Synthetic End User Experience Monitoring integration with BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

After you install synthetic transaction monitoring components, you can use BMC PATROL for Application Management to monitor the performance and reliability of your worldwide applications through BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management.

Performance statistics provided by synthetic transaction monitoring measure application health based on end-to-end metrics, such as availability, accuracy, and performance.

For information about integrating with BMC ProactiveNet, see BMC PATROL for Application Management Open link .

BMC Application Diagnostics event integration

BMC Application Diagnostics provides several options for sending event information to integrated technologies and external applications. You can send the following event types:

  • Application events, such as crossing a latency threshold and percentage of errors
  • Application server events, such as JMX metrics, thread pools, and connection pools
  • System health events, such as issues with a BMC Application Diagnostics Agent, a BMC Application Diagnostics Collector, or the BMC Application Diagnostics Portal

The agent sends events to the server, and the portal then sends the events to the active integrations. The following integrations are supported:

  • BMC ProactiveNet
  • SNMP
  • SMTP
  • Syslog
  • CSV

For information about BMC Application Diagnostics integrations, see the following topics:

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