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Analyze business transactions to locate transaction entry points that are slow or have errors and that could be impacting your users.

The Business Transactions page displays aggregation statistics for various application entry points. Application Diagnostics monitors the requests by several types of technologies, including the following kinds of requests:

  • HTTP and HTTPS requests to a Web tier or outbound requests from Web or Business tiers to external services
  • Java Message Service (JMS) message tracing
  • Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) remote invocation through RMI, COBRA, or WebLogic T3 (Note that EJB2 applications running on WebSphere Application Server 7 are not supported.)

By default, the Business Transactions page displays transactions that have occurred in the last 15 minutes, sorted in descending order according to the maximum duration.

To analyze business transaction diagnostics

Perform the following steps to pinpoint the transaction diagnostics you want to analyze:

  1. Filter the business transactions to a defined time period.
  2. Review the traces for a selected business transaction.
  3. (Optional) Access application servers that have business transactions within the defined time.
  4. Review the diagnostics data for a specific transaction instance.

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