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The Real User Analyzer (Analyzer) and Real User Collector (Collector) user interfaces are similar. The Collector user interface contains a subset of the options available in the Analyzer, shown in the following illustration. For example, the tabs necessary to manage Watchpoints and incidents, and to create reports, are not present in the Collector interface.

The user interface of the Real User Monitor (Monitor), which provides features found in the Analyzer and Collector, is the same as the Analyzer.

Navigational elements of the Analyzer

Description of navigation elements






Home (Collector only)Graphical representation of the Collector status
Dashboards (Analyzer and Real User Monitor only)Options to customize and view graphical representations application metrics
Watchpoints (Analyzer and Real User Monitor only)Options to define segments of traffic to watch
Session Browser (Analyzer and Real User Monitor only)Queries that you can use to analyze user sessions
Reports (Analyzer and Real User Monitor only)Options to create and run reports
Incidents (Analyzer and Real User Monitor only)Lists of incidents that occurred during a specified time interval
Reference listsLists of the most popular or recently observed values for a given attribute of traffic in the system
AdministrationOptions to manage system access and maintain the components


Content area

Displays content of the selected tab (a)


Action menu

Shows the available actions in context of the current page (for example, add element, delete all elements, component settings, and so on)


Shortcut menu

Shows options for a particular page element, such as edit, copy, delete, drill down, and so on


Top button

Navigates to the top of the current page


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