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BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager provides the following user interfaces for specific sets of features:

  • The Application Management Console (Console) is the primary access point to the system. Use it for most day-to-day tasks, such as monitoring performance on dashboards, running traffic-data queries, and managing system components and access. It provides links to the user interfaces of the Real User Analyzer and  Real User Collector components, as well as management controls for the Performance Analytics Engine component.

  • The Real User Analyzer and Real User Collector components enable you to manage captured traffic, set up Collector feeds, configure Watchpoints, and access the Watchpoint Summary, Session Browser, Incidents, Reports, and other features. You access these components by drilling down from the System Deployment > Components > Status page in the Console. If you do not deploy the Console, you can also access each of these interfaces by providing a URL.

    The Real User Monitor component, which is a single interface that combines the features of the Real User Collector and Real User Analyzer, has the same user interface as the Real User Analyzer. 

  • The CLI enables you to perform some low-level configuration tasks from a command line. All components have a command-line interface.

  • The various APIs enable your in-house developers to programmatically control data configuration, data exports, and other actions. Data-export and configuration APIs are available from the Real User Analyzer component.
  • The BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring - Aggregation Server for Extended Reporting user interface enables the administrator to configure the component and to manage and control data aggregation.

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