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Feature Pack 1 (version 2.7.01) provides the following enhancements to the BMC Application Diagnostics product:



For information about issues corrected in this feature pack, see Known and corrected issues.

Click here to create a PDF version of the Feature Pack 1 release notes.

Diagnostics Server runs on Java 1.8

The BMC Application Diagnostics Server now runs on Java 1.8.

For information about other requirements and supported systems, see System requirements for BMC Application Diagnostics.

Default JavaScript injection default parameter set to false

After you upgrade or install the BMC Application Diagnostics Server, the JavaScript injection parameter (Agent for Java: agent.javascript.inject.enabled or Agent for .NET: agent.javascript.injection.enabled) for the built-in Diagnostics Agent policies is now disabled (set to false) by default.

For information about changing policy settings, see Modifying an Agent policy file.

Agent for .NET reports database name with host name

Instead of the connection string, the BMC Application Diagnostics Agent for .NET now reports the name of a database with the host name, and if available, the port number.

Agent for .NET includes performance and monitoring improvements

The BMC Application Diagnostics Agent for .NET includes enhancements for better performance and more accurate monitoring. For information, see Known and corrected issues.

Downloading the feature pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files for BMC Application Diagnostics.

Installing the feature pack

You can directly install version 2.7.01 of the BMC Application Diagnostics Server and Agents for a new system. 

For installation instructions, see Installing BMC Application Diagnostics.

Upgrading to the feature pack

You can upgrade to the Feature Pack 1 (version 2.7.01) from version 2.6.x.

For upgrade instructions, see Preparing for a BMC Application Diagnostics upgrade and checking compatibility.