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This section contains information about the enhancements and new features in version 2.7.00 of the products that compose BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager.

Installing and upgrading BMC Application Diagnostics

BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring and Analytics 2.7 integrates with BMC Application Diagnostics 2.6.x components. The BMC Application Diagnostics components must be patched for the POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) security vulnerability for communication between Diagnostics Agents and Application Diagnostics Server:

Automated weekly sync of configurations and accounts on TrueSight Components

Configurations and user accounts are automatically synchronized across all Collectors and Analyzers.

Scrubbing Rules

Scrubbing rules added on the Collector or the monolithic security administrator interface are effective or ineffective based on the local Cloud Probe configuration.

Cloud Probe operating system support

Cloud Probe now supports the following additional operating systems:

  • CentOS 7.0
  • RedHat 7.0
  • SLES 11 SP3
  • OpenSuSE 12.1/12.2/12.3/13.1

Notification before SSL keys are going to expire

You can now receive notification before SSL keys are going to expire.

Selective SSL cache flushing

When the SSL configuration changes, EPX flushes from its cache only SSL sessions which are related to the SSL keys and the IP mappings which were changed.

Accounts, summary, and AIM daily backup downloadable/uploadable via API.

Accounts, summary, and AIM Databases can be uploaded and downloaded using an API .

Alarm for detection of irregular (one-way) traffic

An Attention-level alarm is issued if more than the defined threshold of traffic is one-way.

Increased Maximum String Length for String Mapping Transformation

The limitation for initial values and mapped values in transformation rulesis increased from 60 to 255.

GeoPCL definition limits based on database size

The limit on the number of GeoPCLs that can be defined is now based on the defined database size.

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