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After you have self-upgraded or BMC has automatically upgraded your organization, you must manually enable new features in the latest release. If you are upgrading from a few releases prior to the latest release, you must enable the features in each interim release. BMC recommends that you first enable new features in the release that immediately follows your current release. You can then enable features in each subsequent release until the latest release. For example, if you are upgrading from version 20.14.01 to 20.15.01 (Winter 15), you must first enable new features in version 20.14.02 and then enable the new features in version 20.15.01.

The following topics provide information about enabling new features that are delivered in each release of BMC Remedyforce:


If you are using BMC Remedyforce profiles instead of permission sets to manage permissions for your users, ensure that you have manually configured permissions for new Visualforce pages, Apex classes, objects, and fields in each release. For more information, see Configuring profile-level permissions for new features.

If you self-upgraded and mapped your profiles to the appropriate BMC Remedyforce access levels, you do not have to perform these manual configurations.

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