In the BMC Application Performance Management Console, you analyze problems by performing queries. These queries enable you to investigate the performance and availability issues for pages and objects, and analyze the affected sessions.

Before you begin

Before you start investigating problems in the Session Overview, you must configure a data storage location.

To locate problematic sessions

  1. In the BMC Application Performance Management Console component, click Application Monitoring, and then click Performance Analysis.

  2. In the Action list, select Create New Query.
    The Expression Builder tool opens. For more information about how to work with the Expression Builder, see Creating a filter
  3. In the Record Type list, shown in the following figure, select the type of records to look for, either Object or Page.

    Building a filter for the query

    If the system has configured Watchpoints, the Monitored Traffic section becomes visible.

  4. (Optional) In the Monitored Traffic section, narrow the search to a specific traffic segment (Watchpoint).
    By default, the system searches all traffic.
  5. In the Time Range section, select one of the following options:
    • Predefined, and select a time range for the query, such as Last 7 days.
    • Custom, and select the start and end times for the query from the calendars.
  6. (Optional) Refine your search by manually adding expressions to the filter.
  7. Click Submit.


    When you click Submit, the Performance Analytics Engine saves the query parameters, cancels the previous query, and starts a new one. When you click Cancel, the system does not create a new query, but the previous query stays.

    The system displays results of the query. You can refine the query to narrow your search or you can drill down to the list of sessions retrieved by the query.

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