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By using the BMC Application Management Console interface, besides the Console itself, you can update all components configured in it:

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  • Real User Analyzer

  • Performance Analytics Engine

  • Real User Monitor

Use the Console component as a single location to update other components at once without the need of updating each of them separately. This applies both to updating the components within one version and upgrading them from one version to another.


BMC recommends that you update all components by using the Console interface, not by using the Analyzer and Collector component interfaces.

When you update the product from version 1.3.00 (or earlier) to 2.5.00, you must update Analyzer and Collector components by using their web interfaces (Administration > Device status > Device update).

Before upgrading the system, review the known and corrected issues on installation and upgrade.


When you update the product from version 2.0.00 to 2.5.00, BMC recommends that you update the Console first, and then — update all other components.

Performance Analytics Engine 2.5 will not work with the Console 2.6. You must update Performance Analytics Engine to the version 2.6 when you are updating the Console to the 2.6 version.

 Users with the Administrator or Security role can obtain and install all necessary update files without contacting a BMC Support representative. These updates can consist of minor and critical code updates or new features for the following update types:

  • Firmware
  • License
  • Geolocation database

This section provides the following information and instructions about updating the system:

Viewing information about system updates

The System Update page shows information about the active system upgrade status and available update packages. You can access this page in the Console interface by clicking System Deployment and then clicking System Update.

Although users can see the information on the System Update page, only the Administrator or Security roles can install the upgrade.

System Update page

System Update page elements



Update steps

Stages that reflect the update workflow and status. The system highlights the current step of the update process.

Update information

Shows the following information about the updates:

  • Box that contains information and a progress bar for the current task and a dynamic button and text for each step. To activate the step, click the button.

  • Number of updates found for the Console and the components

  • Component groups that the update affects

  • Date and time of the last check for updates

  • Date and time of the last system update


The time is shown in the time zone configured in the Console.

Select Updates table

Shows the available update packages for the Console and components that became available for updating since the last update. Use this table to define which update packages to install.

Select Component Groups sectionShows component groups available for update. Use this section to define which components to update.
Component group overview

When you click the link in the component group, you can see the following information about components that this group contains:

  • Component name
  • Current and suggested version for the component
  • Component update status

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