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  1. Log on to the Aggregation Server for Extended Reporting web interface.
  2. In the Aggregation Server for Extended Reporting web interface, click Network Attached Storage in General Settings.
  3. From the Action menu, select Edit
  4. Complete the following fields and click Save.
    • Protocol: SMB/CIFS (This is the only protocol supported.)
    • IP/DNS Name: Enter the address of the NAS device.
    • Share Name: Enter the name given to the SMB/CIFS share.
    • Username: (Optional)
    • Password: (Optional)
    • Domain: (Optional)
    1. On the Oracle database server, mount the NAS device.

      • The Oracle database server must also be mounted on the NAS device. 
      • The NAS device must be mounted at this location /var/opt/etl/load.


      Add the following command to the /etc/fstab file to mount the share at boot time on a Red Hat Linux system:

      //CIFS_server/share_name /var/opt/etl/load cifs username=<userName>,password='<password>',_netdev,auto 0 0

      Run the following command to mount the shares specified in the fstab file:

      $ mount –a

      Another way to test at runtime is with the following command template.  (The mount does not persist after a system reboot).  Depending on your system, you may need to replace mount –t cifs with mount.cifs.

      # mount -t cifs //<server/shareName> /var/opt/etl/load -o username=<shareUser>,password=<sharePassword>,domain=<domainName>


  1. for Redhat 6 we used the following change to have the mount persist 

    instead of -o

    we used



  2.  Thanks! 

    _netdev is a very pertinent enhancer option (it tells the mount depends on networking so should wait for such).

    The reference we've put are minimalist to get a mount up. Ideally _netdev and few others should be added, but we'd need to test and clarify which are must and optional...

     Thanks again, this may help others.