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The PATROL for PostgreSQL KM metric generates events that will help you decide if it is necessary to adjust the cache size configured for the PostgreSQL database environment.

You can use the events generated by these metrics to determine whether it is necessary to increase, or decrease, the effective cache size (effective_cache_size) parameter in the PostgreSQL database environment.

Database cache usage

Set the threshold on this attribute to get notified about the amount of cache memory usage in the PostgreSQL database. By default, this attribute will not generate an alarm or warning event. For more information about this attribute, see Database cache usage attribute page.

For more information about setting an alarm or warning event for this attribute, or changing the default attribute range, see Defining a monitoring policy.

Database cache usage graph

Event generated by the KM 

You can see the event in the TrueSight console in Monitoring > Events.

Suggested action

The event indicates that you might want to update the cache size of the PostgreSQL database to avoid cache performance issues.