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PATROL does not support the following characters and symbols:  

Non-English ASCII characters

Comma ( , ). PATROL KM for Cluster Server does not support the comma in object names.

Colon ( : ). PATROL uses the colon as an identifier for a specific icon. Creating a PATROL instance name with a colon causes PATROL to use the icon identified by the colon.

Slash ( / ). A PATROL instance name cannot contain a slash; however, PATROL KM for Cluster Server replaces a slash with a #.

Blank. A PATROL instance name cannot contain a blank; however, PATROL KM for Cluster Server removes the blank before calling a PSL function.

Backslash ( \ ) is supported only in conjunction with other special characters (see the PSL Reference Manual); however, PATROL supports object names masked with \\.

While PATROL is foreign language tolerant, domains, groups, users, computers, resources, and similar objects with names that contain non-English characters or the symbols in the preceding list may not be properly discovered by PATROL. Replacing non-English characters in object names with English characters and removing the unsupported symbols from object names allows PATROL to discover objects properly.

You may need to use software other than PATROL to change object names.

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