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The Infrastructure Management-PATROL Repository includes the current versions of the PATROL Monitoring Solutions that you can use with ProactiveNet. Administrators can use the repository with Central Monitoring Administration to select monitor installation components (such as the PATROL Agent and monitoring solutions) and create an installation package. 

The Infrastructure Management-PATROL Repository is split into two files:

  • Base repository. The file name is in the format.
  • Extended repository. The file name is in the  format.


yyyymmdd-hhmmss is the date and time of the repository image.

version is the version of ProactiveNet that you are using.

 You must download these files from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) facility, or copy the files from your installation kit to the ProactiveNet Central Server file system.

When you install a ProactiveNet Central Server or a standalone ProactiveNet Server, you select the base repository image file to import its contents to Central Monitoring Administration. To update the base repository image, or import the extended repository image, use the import function in the Central Monitoring Administration. You can also download and import individual solutions from the EPD site, or import structured custom solutions (see Building a PATROL Knowledge Module Developers Guide from the BMC Support website). For information about importing KM to the Central Monitoring Repository, see Importing KM to the Central Monitoring Repository.

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