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    The Components tab allows you to view a list of component configurations available in your environment, search them, and view details regarding each of the components.

    This topic contains the following information:

    Viewing components

    To view the various components configured in your environment, navigate to Administration > Components.

    The following table lists the details of the configured components:




    The type of component; for example, CONSOLE_SERVER, INDEXER, SEARCH, and so on.


    The component name specified at the time of installation.

    VersionVersion number of the component.

    IP Address/Hostname

    IP address or host name of the component.


    Port number of the component.

    Date Modified

    Date and time when the component was last modified.


    Status of the component, described as follows:

    • The red square indicates that the component has stopped running.
      If you find that the status of a component has turned red, then re-start that component.
    • The green square indicates that the component is still running.

    Click Refresh to display the current status of the component.

    Viewing component configurations

    To view detailed configuration information related to a component in your environment, proceed as follows:

    1. Navigate to Administration > Components.
    2. Select one of the components listed, and click View Component Configurations .
      The following information is displayed for the selected component:



      Property Key

      Property key of the selected component

      Property Value

      Property value of the selected component