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This section provides the following information about upgrading to version 2.7.00 of TrueSight IT Data Analytics (or IT Data Analytics).

Supported upgrade paths

IT Data Analytics supports direct upgrades from the latest two versions of the product. Upgrade from earlier versions of the product (earlier than version 2.1) requires that you perform a phased upgrade until your reach version 2.1 (at a minimum) as shown in the following illustration.

The following illustration provides links to the upgrade documentation in the various versions of the product.

upgrade paths v1

How to upgrade?

For information about prerequisites and upgrade instructions, see Performing the upgrade.

Upgrade and integration

Version 2.7.00 of IT Data Analytics is supported with the following versions of TrueSight Presentation Server.

  • 10.7.00
  • 10.5.00

An integration with TrueSight Presentation Server actually involves an integration with TrueSight Infrastructure Management registered with TrueSight Presentation Server. For example, an integration with TrueSight Presentation Server 10.7.00 involves an integration with TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.7.00 registered with TrueSight Presentation Server 10.7.00. For more information, see the compatibility matrix at Integrating.


After upgrading to IT Data Analytics 2.7.00, if you continue to use TrueSight Presentation Server prior to 10.5.00, you can continue to get and send events from and to TrueSight Infrastructure Management, however, other integration features might not be available.