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The Credentials tab allows you to create, modify, or delete credentials for your target computers. You can use this information while creating data collectors to help you make data collector creation more efficient.

If the target computers from which you want to collect the data use the same credentials, then instead of manually entering the credentials every time you create the data collector, you can create a credential and reuse it every time you create a new data collector.

Icons and associated functions on the Credentials tab

The Credentials tab allows you to manage a list of credentials that you have created. To access this tab, navigate to Administration > Credentials. From here, you can perform the following actions:

Add Credential  

 Add a new credential.

For more information, see Adding a credential.

Edit Credential 

Edit the selected credential.

You can modify the same details that you provided while adding a credential.

Delete Credential Delete the selected credential.

The Credentials tab provides the following information:

NameName of the credential.
User NameUser name provided while creating the credential.
DomainDomain information provided while creating the credential.

Adding a credential

To add a credential, navigate to Administration > Credentials, click Add Credential, provide the following information, and click Save.

Credential NameAn appropriate name to identify the credential.
User NameThe user name for connecting to the target computer.
PasswordThe password for connecting to the target computer.
Re-enter New PasswordRe-enter the password to confirm it.
Domain(Optional) The domain used by the target computer.