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If your upgrade fails or the product does not work after the upgrade is completed, you can rollback the failed upgrade to an earlier version of the product. An upgrade failure might occur in various scenarios. For example, if you do not have sufficient permissions to perform the installation. For more information, see Preparing for installation.

The following video (2:38) shows you how to roll back a failed upgrade.

This topic contains the following sub-topics:

Files automatically backed up when performing an upgrade

When you perform an upgrade, the following files are automatically backed up at %BMC_ITDA_HOME%\Upgrade_Backup_version:

The upgrade utility does not back up the indexed data. For information about backing up Indexed data, see Backing up and restoring indexed data.

Type of dataFile location
Configuration Database%BMC_ITDA_HOME%\data\configdb
Collection Station%BMC_ITDA_HOME%\station\collection
Console Server + Search%BMC_ITDA_HOME%\tomcat\webapps
Configuration files%BMC_ITDA_HOME%\conf
Customized settings%BMC_ITDA_HOME%\custom

For more information, see Modifying the configuration files.

To rollback a failed upgrade to an earlier version

  1. Uninstall the product to which you upgraded. For more information, see Uninstalling.
  2. Install the previous version of the product.


    During installation, ensure that the product services are not started immediately after the installation is complete.

  3. After the installation is complete, copy the backed up files to the appropriate locations:

    %BMC_ITDA_HOME%\Upgrade_Backup_version\conf %BMC_ITDA_HOME%\conf




  4. Start the product services. For more information, see Starting or stopping product services.
  5. Start the product. For more information, see Accessing the console.
    The product is restored to the earlier version along with the indexed data, configuration data, and any customizations you must have made.