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The TrueSight IT Data Analytics product provides a data mining framework for semi-structured and structured machine data (IT data), such as logs and events. This framework helps you harness data, make sense out of it, and extract information relevant to operations and business.

You can apply this framework to a macro use case to perform root cause analysis (RCA) and deliver integrated capabilities that complement TrueSight Operations Management.

This topic contains the following information:

Business problem

BMC provides advanced tools for IT to monitor applications and infrastructure. With the evolution of TrueSight Infrastructure Management, IT can get proactive in its operations by using behavior analytics and PCA (Probable Cause Analysis). But in-depth diagnostics (or root-cause analysis) processes for service issues also require analyzing of semi-structured machine data from application and infrastructure logs, and this aspect remains manual. Lack of automation for root-cause analysis of enterprise applications can lead to the following issues:

  • Substantial waste of time due to manual effort involved in gathering and correlating information about a service issue from multiple silos
  • High operation costs and poor service metrics
  • Staff frustration resulting in high turnover and constant retraining costs
  • Unresolved incidents, problems, and system changes that increase business risk related to loss of revenue, customer satisfaction, and company reputation
  • Prolonged service down time, leading to lost sales, dissatisfied customers, violated service level agreements (SLAs), and lower team morale.


An easy to use, flexible, extensible, context aware solution that significantly automates root cause analysis for speedy resolutions.

The following are the key advantages:

  • Enables easy and secure access to all relevant information required to diagnose a problem.
  • Capability to automate collection of semi-structured (or structured) data such as logs generated by various tiers of application components (Text, XML, and so on), nonlog data (configuration files and command output), events, and so on.
  • Indexes semi-structured (or structured) data and dynamically correlates data from disparate information silos.
  • Presents all relevant information on demand and at near-real-time to speed up RCA.
  • Leverages and extends the BMC Service Management (BSM) portfolio by extending automation and solving more problems through integration with other products such as TrueSight Infrastructure Management and BMC Event Manager.


By using this product, you can derive the following benefits:

  • Avoid manual information-gathering that causes poor service performance, high turnover, SLA violations, and needless costs, and weakens competitiveness
  • Expedite incident resolution and root-cause analysis by providing a user interface to easily access, discover, and act upon all information relevant to a given service issue
  • Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) for service escalations
  • Increase mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Maximize staff efficiency at all levels, leading to service excellence
  • Reduce turnover costs (lower cost per ticket)
  • Execute new strategic initiatives for continuous improvements and proactive diagnostics