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You can  monitor TrueSight IT Data Analytics by using the saved searches, data patterns, collection profiles and dashboards that are a part of  the IT Data Analytics Server content pack.

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Setting up the IT Data Analytics Server content pack

  1. Download the content pack by navigating to the following link:

The content pack is present in the zipped file present at this location.

2. Import the content pack. After you import the content pack, it is placed under the Content Packs tab.

For more information on importing a content pack, see Importing a content pack.

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Monitoring TrueSight IT Data Analytics

The saved searches, data patterns, collection profiles and dashboards in the IT Data Analytics Server content pack will enable you to monitor TrueSight IT Data Analytics better.


As with all content packs, you need to use the collection profiles, which are included in those content packs to be able to use the content pack.

For more information on using collection profiles, see Creating multiple data collectors with collection profiles.

For more information on managing content packs, see  Creating and managing content packs.

  • Using the collection profiles that are part of the IT Data Analytics Server content pack, create the data collectors. You can navigate to the Data Collector tab and see that the data collectors created from the collection profiles are listed.
  • This content pack includes a dashboard called Stats. The Stats dashboard contains charts. Some information is already populated on the Stats dashboard however, the dashlet Triggered Notification does not display anything. You need to create a sample notification and the dashlet Triggered Notification should display the charts. For more information on creating notifications, see Setting up notifications to create alerts or reports.
  • Navigate to the Saved Searches tab to see the saved searches available with this content pack. The saved searches will help you in creating searches for monitoring TrueSight IT Data Analytics.

The following video (3.26) illustrates how to monitor TrueSight IT Data Analytics.