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This topic provides information about managing the system settings.


The system settings are applied to all users in the system.

To modify system settings

Navigate to Administration > System Settings, provide the following information, and click Save to apply the settings to all users in the system.

Enable Data Access Control

Use this setting to apply access permissions to the user groups specified at the time of creating data collectors, for accessing and viewing data.

Note: By default, this check box is already selected. If you disable this setting and then later enable it after creating a data collector, the access permissions might not be applied.
Default Enable Agent

Use this setting to enable or disable data collection by using the Collection Agent at the time of adding a host.

By default, this check box is already selected.

This setting controls the Enable Agent check box selection at the time of adding a host.

Maximum Data Retention (in days)

This value indicates the maximum number of days for which the data collected is retained in the system. After this duration, the data is not available for searching.

By default, this value is set to 7.

While creating data collectors, you can set the Read from Past (#days) field to a value within the limit specified in this field.

For example, if this value is set to 30 (number of days), then the data collector cannot read past data beyond 30 days and must be set to a value within the 30-day limit. Again, you cannot search data with a custom time set to a duration other than that specified while creating the data collector.

Note: You can change this limit to a maximum of 14 days. To increase the limit beyond 14 days, you need to modify the value of the following property:

  • Property name:
  • Property location: %BMC_ITDA_HOME%\custom\conf\server\

After changing the property value, you need to restart the Search component to apply the change.

No. of search results to export

This value indicates the maximum number of search results that you can export from the Searching for data.

By default, this value is set to 10000.

Default User Password

This value indicates the default password for all users.

Normally, when you create a new user, the password for that user is sent via email. But if you have not set up emails by creating an external configuration, then an email cannot be sent. In this scenario, the new user can use the default password for logging on to the product.

Note: This password is not functional if you have already created an external configuration to setup your emails. For more information, see Setting up emails.

Tag names

Enter a value and click Add Tag  to add tags for the system. Use these tags when you are adding a data collector.

Select a tag from the list of tags and click Delete Tag  to remove the tag from the system.