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Feature packs and fix packs are interim product releases that provide minor enhancements, bug fixes, or both.

fix pack resolves problems that were discovered after the release of the current version and can include hot fixes that were delivered since the previous fix pack or feature pack. 

In addition to the resolved issues that you might find in a fix pack, a feature pack can contain minor enhancements to the product. A feature pack does not contain architectural changes to the product.

To learn about the fixes resolved in the fix packs and feature packs, see Known and corrected issues.

To learn about any new feature enhancements and to locate the download files, see Release notes and notices, and locate the applicable link for the feature pack or service pack.

BMC recommends that all users using TrueSight IT Data Analytics version, install fix pack 1 on the IT Data Analytics components and the standalone Collection Agents.

In addition, it is recommended that you install the fix pack available for version of PATROL for IT Data Analytics. For more information, see  PATROL for IT Data Analytics

This section describes how to apply feature packs or fix packs on the TrueSight IT Data Analytics by a command line interface