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TrueSight IT Data Analytics 2.7.00 provides the following enhancements:


Anomaly detection

Detect unusual patterns and infrequent occurrences (anomalies) in the data collected.

Get clues from anomalies detected and then use that knowledge to isolate the root cause of a problem or find unexpected event frequencies by looking at a summary of anomalous messages in a given time period.

Check anomalies to add another level of confidence to your change processes by validating the result of making changes to systems deployed.

For more information, see Getting started with anomaly detection.


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Analytics for Remedy change and incident data

Get additional context while troubleshooting an issue by collecting change management and incident management data. Collect change and incident management data by integrating with Remedy Action Request System versions 9.0.x or 9.1.x. Perform root cause analysis easily, more quickly, and more accurately by correlating changes and incidents with the event data that you are analyzing. For more information about performing an integration and collecting data, see Integrating with Remedy Action Request System.

Use the dashboards available with the content pack for Remedy Action Request System for analyzing various aspects of the change management and incident management data. This content pack is available via the Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) website. For more information, see Remedy Action Request System content pack Open link .


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Case insensitive search

Search now functions in a case-insensitive way. When you search, IT Data Analytics ignores the case for all the search terms except field and tag names. A new function, CASE, can be used to search field and tag values in a case-sensitive way. For more information, see Case-sensitive search and case-insensitive search.

Also, the match function used in the filter search command now works in a case-insensitive way. Instead, a new function, matchcase, is available to filter results by matching the field value with the specified string in a case-sensitive way. For more information, see filter search command.


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Security enhancements

Use the following capabilities to enhance security and manage access to sensitive information.

Secure access to Configuration Database
Change the default password used for accessing the Configuration Database by running the modifyconfigdbpwd CLI command.
Change the default encryption key used for encrypting passwords specified while configuring data collectors, collection profiles, and credentials by running the configureencryptionkey CLI command.


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New operating system support

This release supports the following new operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 6.8, 7.2, and 7.3

For more information, see System requirements.


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Usability improvements

The following improvements can help you use existing features more efficiently:

Refresh poll status without losing contextBetter results while filtering objects

You can refresh the last 10 polls status of the selected data collector.

This means to see the latest poll status, you do not need to exit the Collection Status History window and refresh the data collector list.

Filtering objects on the individual product pages is case insensitive.

For example, you can search for a data collector, "WindowsColl" by specifying "windowscoll".

This change is applicable to the Data Collectors, Hosts, Data Patterns, Collection Profiles, and Saved Searches pages.

Time scale options for group search commandNew function for the filter search command

While specifying the group search command, you can specify the time scale in various ways.

For example, you can specify minutes in one of these ways: m | min | mins | minute | minutes

The same applies for other options like seconds and hours.

A new function, fieldexists is available for the filter search command. You can use this function to display search results containing the specified field name. If the field does not exist, no results are displayed.

Note: The isNotNull function is expected to be deprecated in a future release of the IT Data Analytics product. If you are using this function in one of your saved searches, ensure that you update the saved searches and replace the isNotNull function with the fieldexists function.


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Skip version upgrade

You can now upgrade IT Data Analytics and standalone Collection Agents from version 2.1.00 or 2.5.00.

For information about upgrading IT Data Analytics, see Upgrading.

For information about upgrading standalone Agents, see Upgrading the standalone Collection Agent.


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Other changes

This release provides the updatecell CLI command that allows you to update details of the TrueSight Infrastructure Management cells in the existing external configurations on IT Data Analytics.

This command can be useful in scenarios when the TrueSight Infrastructure Management cell details changed and you want to update the new cell details on IT Data Analytics. For example, suppose you created an external configuration to integrate with a TrueSight Infrastructure Management cell which was earlier deployed without applying high availability, but which is now operating in a high availability mode. In this scenario, you need to update the external configuration to provide details of the load balancer node and the associated cell (instead of the primary or secondary server).


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