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PATROL for Elasticsearch is a monitoring product that enables you to monitor the performance metrics of the configured Elasticsearch host. The KM monitors the performance metrics of the Elasticsearch Cluster, Nodes, JVM, Indices, and Shards. For a list of monitor types and attributes, see Monitor types and attributes.

Elasticsearch KM facilitates filtering of indices by including or excluding them (based on name) from monitoring. It also provides failover functionality and assures high availability of performance metrics. 

After you have installed PATROL for Elasticsearch, choose one of the following configuration tasks depending on your monitoring console. In each monitoring console, you can configure the KM to perform monitoring of your Elasticsearch host.

Configuring using the TrueSight or the Central Monitoring Administration console

This section provides information about the monitoring profiles and the associated monitor type available in PATROL for Elasticsearch. 

Configure PATROL for ElasticsearchConfiguring in the TrueSight or the CMA console
Execute the Elasticsearch KM agent actionsAgent actions


Configuring in the PATROL consoles

This section provides instructions for configuring PATROL for Elasticsearch in the PATROL consoles. 

Configure PATROL for ElasticsearchConfiguring in the PATROL console
Configure using the PATROL Agent configuration variablesConfiguring using PATROL Configuration Manager