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This topic describes the key features in version 1.0.00 of the BMC PATROL for IBM AIX product. 

Support for local and remote monitoring of the AIX environments

PATROL for AIX lets you monitor and manage your AIX environment locally and remotely. It monitors the availability of your servers, which includes the following objects:

Monitored objectDescriptionMonitor type
CPU Monitors processor statistics such as percentages of CPU utilization, idle time, time spent on user and system activities. CPU (IAK_CPU)
SMPMonitors performance metrics for logical processors on a computer. Processor (IAK_SMP)
Kernel Provides information such as process table usage, IPC mechanism statistics. Kernel (IAK_Kernel)
Memory Monitors memory activities (paging, I/O caching, and swapping) and reports detailed memory utilization. Memory (IAK_Memory)
System swap files 

Monitors swap space utilization of server.

Swap (IAK_Swap)
Network Monitors the network for information about interfaces, addresses, and traffic. Network (IAK_Network)
Network file systems version 3Provides NFSv3 protocol statistics for client and server.

NFS V3 Client (IAK_NFSv3_Client)

NFS V3 Server (IAK_NFSv3_Server)

Process Displays total number of processes, zombie processes and CPU, memory utilization of configured processes. Process (IAK_Process)
UserMonitors the resource consumption of individual users that run on the system. Users (IAK_Users)
FilesystemsMonitors the filesystems mounted on a system for information such as available disk space and mount status. Filesystem (IAK_Filesystem)
Disk and I/O Monitors the disk drives that are attached to the system. Disk (IAK_Disk)
AIX Virtualization 

Monitors the attributes and statistics of LPARs and WPARs on the system.

  • Logical partition - Provides resource configuration of Logical Partition
  • WPAR - Provides resource configuration and performance metrics of Workload Partition

AIX Virtualization (IAK_Virtualization)

Logical Partition (IAK_LPAR)

System WPAR (IAK_WorkloadPartition)

PowerVM environment 

Manages PowerVM component statistics. 

  • Monitors managed systems
  • Monitors Shared Processor Pools configured on the managed system
  • Monitors Logical Partitions (LPARs)

Managed System (IAK_Managed_System)

Shared Processor Pool (IAK_Shared_Processor_Pool)

Shared Ethernet Adapters

Monitors the physical and virtual ethernet adapter. Monitoring of Shared Ethernet Adapters is supported only by remote monitoring through HMC. SEA is discovered on the Virtual I/O Server of the Managed System. SEA is not enabled for default monitoring, and can be enabled in one of the following ways:

Shared Ethernet Adapter (IAK_Shared_Ethernet_Adapter)

Cross platform monitoring

Cross platform monitoring is supported from Linux based PATROL Agent. PATROL for AIX supports monitoring of all versions of Linux supported by BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management 9.5.00 and later.

Enable or disable components from monitoring

Filters are available at each monitor type level to enable or disable the component from monitoring. You can filter one or more of the following objects to streamline your configuration. For more information, see Configuring AIX Hosts.

  • Standard monitoring - CPU, Network, Memory, and Filesystem
  • Advanced monitoring - All available monitor types. 

To enable advanced monitoring, select or clear the monitor types from Advanced Configuration CMA UI.

Ability to add multiple hosts for remote monitoring 

If you want to use the same configuration to monitor large number of hosts, you can configure the remote hosts from a file. The file must contain a list of comma separated host names, IP addresses or publish host names that have common credentials. The Configuration Status parameter indicates errors related to the input file. For more information, see Configuring AIX Hosts.

Simplified debug UI

PATROL for AIX provides a consolidated simple debug UI to display detailed debugging messages for the selected application classes. For more information, see Managing debug.

Simplified basic monitoring

The AIX servers can now be monitored using minimum configuration. Enter the hostname or the file path and the valid credentials to start basic monitoring of CPU, memory, network and filesystem. For more information, see Configuring AIX Hosts.

Additional significant features

  • Single CMA UI for addition of remote hosts and custom configuration of monitor types
  • Configurable SSH port. By default, the port number is set to 22.
  • In remote host configuration on CMA UI, $USERNAME default value has been added to connect to the remote host using the PATROL Agent default account credentials
  • Detailed annotation messages with probable causes and corrective actions